Taxpayer's Rights

Your Rights

The management and staff of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) commit to upholding the rights of taxpayers at all times.

Taxpayer Rights
1 Right to be informed
  • To know what they need to do to be compliant with the tax laws.
  • To be informed of IRD’s decisions about their tax accounts and to receive clear explanations of the outcomes.
2 Right to a fair and just tax system
  • To expect IRD to consider facts and circumstances that might affect their tax liabilities, ability to pay or ability to provide information in a timely manner.
3 Right to privacy
  • To expect that any IRD inquiry, audit or enforcement action will be in accordance with the law and respect all due processes.
4 Right to Confidentiality
  • To expect that any information they provide to IRD will be held in the strictest of confidentiality and will not be disclosed.
5 Right to quality service
  • To receive prompt and professional services and assistance in their interactions with IRD.
  • To be spoken to in a respectful and clear manner.
6 Right to challenge IRD’s position and be heard
  • To lodge objections and provide documentation and evidence to support their case.
  • To expect that IRD will consider their objections in a timely and fair manner and receive a response on the decision.
7 Right to object and appeal an IRD decision
  • To a fair and impartial appeal of IRD’s decisions and to receive timely responses regarding the appeal

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