Liquor Licence

Liquor Licence

A Liquor Licence grants permission for a business owner to sell liquor either wholesale or by retail. No persons shall sell or keep for the purpose of selling any liquor unless they have first obtained a liquor licence to do so.

Any business owner wishing to obtain a Liquor Licence should apply to the magistrate to do so. Special Magistrate court for new and renewal Liquor Licences are held on the 2nd day of the first month of each quarter, e.g. 2nd January, 2nd April, 2nd July and 2nd October of every year, unless those dates fall on a weekend or Public Holiday. In those instances, the court sitting is held on the weekday immediately following that date.

First time applicants are required to make an application to the court not less than 21 days before the hearing, publish the application notice in the public newspaper two (2) weeks prior to the court hearing, providing a copy of application.

Once Liquor Licence has been approved by the magistrate, the business owner is then required to take the approved application to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for payment. Upon receipt of payment, IRD issues a Liquor License certificate, which the business owner is required to display in the place of business.

All Liquor Licences are valid until December 31st of the year received.

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